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The Hippy Designs X My Botanics by Isabelle Manifestor energy essentials box. 


This is the complete box to help you tap into your natural gifts and guide you with the earths most powerful psychic tools. 

Manifesting or "The Law of attraction" as some people may call it, can be considered a little "wit-woo". However; you have attracted everything up into your life up to this present moment, learning to manifest is simply learning to harnest this power and create your own reality. 

The components of this box are specifically picked to guide and assist you on your mind-set shift and personal transofrmation. 


The Box contains - 


  • The Super Manifestor Cintrine candle, the dark amber and ginger lily will promote feelings of happiness and inspire boldness in the atmosphere, whilst a cintrine crystal will help you envision and pursue your goals. Handmade, 100% Soy wax, 100% Vegan, 220m and 40hr Burntime.


  • THREE CRYSTALS - Amethyst, Green Calcite and Amazonite.


Each crystal was handpicked and reiki charged. The crystals are rough and in various sizes. Please know whatever crystals found you is by no coincidence and to recieve the message from the universe with love and light. For example if you recieved a large rose quartz and smaller smoky quartz. The universe asks you to look inwards with help of the rose quartz and show yourself more love.


  • Handmade Lavender & Rose white sage smudge stick to cleanse the energy in your environment and crystals. 


  • Tree of Life insence sticks

The Tree of Life stands for wisdom, power and protection. The roots, the trunk and the branches symbolize the developments that we as a human being are going through. It is a universal sign that everyone understands. With its trunk, roots and branches, the tree connects the underworld, the middle world and the upper world. The Tree of Life is loved worldwide. This incense is perfect for meditation and to purify your home of negative energy.


  • How crystals work & how to care for your crystals guide
  • Affirmation Card and Crystal meaning card




Manifestor Energy Essentials


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