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Designing for your cosmic identity

Hi, my name is Bella and I’m the founder of the hippy designs. 
The hippy designs is my area of alignment, it’s the bridge that connects my spirituality with my professional creative intuition. 
You’ve probably found me because you’re looking for a designer, or your spiritual fed curiosity has led you here; and I’m excited to have you both! 

My mission is to help people on their journey to connect with themselves, business and personal. 
For me, the hippy designs was a pivotal milestone in my spiritual journey. It’s where I figured out how I could channel my skills and love, and use it to help other people connect to themselves through artwork, or their business through design.

The hippy designs was born in March 2020 when I reached out to struggling businesses affected by COVID 19, helping them to re-brand their business and keep them motivated during trying times. I believe that your business should be the expression of yourself that you want to grow into the universe to reflect your spirit, and that’s where I found where the hippy designs could help. 

During lockdown I, like many, went on a redecorating frenzy. I wanted some art work but the generic prints that were available to me didn’t interest me. I wanted it to be special. 

It’s no surprise that astrology is taken very seriously in my house; my sun sign runs through my DNA, and I naturally find it fun to talk about, write about and research. Consequently, this intuitive passion became my inspiration to create my own Aquarius prints. 

I pulled together my favourite text that was blowing smoke up aquarians arses and stuck it over some edgy photos of myself, and I found it oddly motivating. Like “fuck yeah my creative independent Aquarius ass is going to smash life today, tomorrow and the rest”. I loved them even more knowing that my posters were completely unique through their personalisation. 

My friends loved them, but they love everything I do, so for a while I didn’t realise really how special having your own zodiac art print could feel, because I thought it was just me loving my work. 

Gradually more people began requesting posters. Soon, I understood that it wasn’t just my friends and I who loved them, realising that other people were intuitively able to connect with the purpose of my art.

Creativity and flow is constant, it changes shape, size, colour and feel and there is no beginning or end, and everyones is different. This flow is documented and recorded in the different vibrations of each subject of my posters. 

The hippy designs is my large, expanding, grey area; of spirit, design and art work. Welcome.

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